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Luton Sixth Form

Support & Wellbeing

Moving from a school to a sixth-form college is an exciting time.

A lot is changing, which is a positive thing, but we know aspects of this transition can be challenging. We take great care to guarantee that all students who join LSFC have the individual support they need if they are feeling stressed or worried, down or depressed, angry or overwhelmed. Sometimes these feelings can be a reaction to problems in your life, like bullying or arguments at home. Sometimes the feelings can be a response to memories or problems from the past...and sometimes you just don't know why you feel the way you do. 

At LSFC, we are fully aware of the emotional health and wellbeing challenges that our students can face in their lives.  This is why we aim to ensure everyone who attends our college has the best possible support to fulfil their potential and has access to the resources they need to THRIVE

We do this by: 

  • Ensuring we provide students with the information they need to keep themselves safe and well through tutorial and college-wide initiatives. 
  • Having high quality conversations with all students, when transitioning from school to college. 
  • Providing all students with a dedicated Progress Coach, who can help with a range of issues - from study support, to mental health support, advice and signposting. 
  • Giving students access to a specialist Welfare and Support team, who are able to help with more complex issues. 
  • We make counselling and psychological support available to students who may need it. 
  • Involving external agencies when specialist support is needed. 

Being a successful sixth form college student requires you to be an independent learner and we encourage our students to allocate at least an additional four hours of independent study per week for each subject they do. How this time is spent is important and, through our Tutorial Programme, we inform students of the most effective ways of studying. The methods we promote through tutorial are evidenced-based strategies that we want you to use on a regular basis to support your learning and help you achieve your potential. 

Getting into effective independent study habits is a key factor in being a successful student at Luton Sixth Form College. To support this, the College also provides Study Areas with access to PC's and laptops so that students can use their Study Periods effectively. We also have a specialised achievement centres supported by Academic Improvement Mentors and the Learning Resources Team.